Monday, June 16, 2008

Fall 2008 Schedule

(Click to enlarge schedule image.)

We have submitted the required Program Overview form and all Class Proposals with an organized schedule in a single package as requested to Groton Parks & Rec last Friday - before the June 15th deadline. The logistics are currently in discussion - I've requested a meeting this week.

Every effort was made to schedule within each hourlong timeslot:
- both free and pay options
- active/recreational and academic/enrichment options
- younger and older age range options
There is a brief break from 11:30 - 12. Participants may or may not choose consecutive programs, and
classes may or may not run quite the full hour, so there is a small allowance for transition.

Registration will be in August/Sep and further details are forthcoming. Although definitely not as seen on TV, schedule "is
subject to change" and "additional fees may apply" ;0)

Deepest gratitude & kudos to all of our volunteers,
instructor-organizers and instructors, including:
Deb Adamson
Anne Bora
Donna Gillen
Lynn Kinnaman
Caterina Maxwell
Kat O'Reilly
Lisa Ory
Gina Pressler
Bailey Pryor
Maria Marques
Marissa Mills
Elizabeth Rummell
Lee Rummell
Heather Thompson
Thank you, also, to those who considered lending your
talents for a class, (maybe next time!), ...and
EVERYone contributing ideas, classes and support both
in person and online!

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