Sunday, September 14, 2008

Amigurumi Stuffi

Patient guidance is being provided for young and, ahem, less young alike. The experienced and moderately motivated could surely catch up/surpass quickly. There seems to be extra yarn & hooks around, but in general, please self-supply:
- 25grams or less (small skein?) of wool/yarn in at least 2 colors
- 17mm (about 5/8”) safety or googly eyes (Jennifer has a large bag of colorful button substitutes, if there's interest.)
- a 3.5mm, or size G crochet hook
- a little stuffing!
- needle & thread
- a little spare time & patience
*optional idea* key chain accoutrements to be able to attach to your new little friend to bring him/her everywhere!
If you have extra of any of the above, particularly the time & patience bit, please bring to share with friends!

That Crafty Gina says:
"I have a few extra hooks for those that don't, as well as a huge bag of eco-stuffing for everyone."

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