Sunday, October 5, 2008

Homeschool Jam Band

The next jam session will be on
October 23rd, 1pm
at 54 Eagle Ridge
Gales Ferry, 06335

All musicians welcome!!!!!


Rock on,
Anne Bora
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Ivan said...

Hey, this is Ian Maxwell here, just to introduce myself, I was in charge of sort of running the event, and just as an update regarding the Jam Band, we had our first get together last thursday, and it went fairly well considering it was just a getting to know eachother/getting a feel for playing together. I would like to thank the following people for showing up, and for their excelent participation.

Tom Bora, for his guitar playing, and fun solos.

Nolan Smyth, who played the Violin beautifully and Electric Guitar.

Duncan Maxwell (my brother) for helping me out with this interesting venture and for playing his guitar and banjo.

Maddie Pryor, who played violin with us.

Kanani, who was also kind enough to play with our violin section.

Court, who brought his bass skills to the table, and graced me at least with my first expereince with a bass amp turned up to full.

Aidan Maxwell, (also a brother) who played some banjo with us.

Patrick Bora, who helped with the set up.

Thank you all for coming, and it was great playing with you guys. It was fun going around and starting with the acoustic struming, with just a c chord, and then adding the electric guitar, adding some violins, myself putting in some piano chords/octaves, and adding on the bass as the peice de resistance, making for some fun sounds. I hope to see you all again at our next rehearsal!

-Ian Maxwell