Monday, January 19, 2009

New Dates for Groton Public Library!

We have a new set of Tuesdays in Room 2 of GPL from 9:30 - 11:30! They are a slightly quirky list due to increased demand of library facilities (following closures & shifting of other local meeting spaces - but we are very happy to share the time & space we can find! The dates are:

Feb 3
Feb 10
Feb 17
Mar 3
Mar 10
Mar 17

930 - 1030 Bookchat in Teen Area
The bookchat group has been a lovely ongoing & self-sustaining adventure -- thanks largely to the talents of Librarian Anne Campbell, and our brilliant team of homeschool families.

930 - 1030 Room Two open
1030 - 1130 Room Two open

Important Question:
OOOooh, the options on how to fill that Room 2! Please give feedback on whether you prefer to see one or two "classes" running all six Tuesdays, or treating each day as a 2-hour workshop opportunity led by different volunteer family/parent hosts.

- Jennifer Pryor is willing to do a Math Café workshop or series for apx 8 - 12yo, potentially with teen assistance.

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