Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Community Think & Community Garden! Sats April 25 - May 23

Think GROW! Lynn K. was farsighted enough to reserve a 10x10 plot in the Groton Community Garden for CommunityThinkers to cultivate, tend, harvest, donate -- enjoy!
What a great opportunity to come together on a wonderful project - the earth is our oyster --- ideas?

The plotting has begun behind Groton Services on the north side of Rt. 1 near the power plant (between the Massage School and True Value Hardware). From Courtney at Groton Parks & Rec:

April 25 - More to do! Pick rocks, spread out 35 yards of compost, Lime, & vegetable plant tone, finely roto-till the communal garden plot areas, stake those areas, plant more cool weather crops, and prepare the leased plot areas.

Things we might like to have - gloves, tools, seeds, vegetable plant tone (the more the better). Donations of tools to be kept at the site; shovels, rakes, 2 wheeled wheel barrow, any size stakes, string, hammer, etc.
If anyone is interested in baking cookies, muffins, or bring juice, coffee, water, or fruit. Anything that will keep the energy and spirit of the volunteers up is a great addition to the group.

May 23 - Official planting day

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