Monday, June 21, 2010

C3 Homeschool Coop Brief

A fabulous Venn diagram overlap of CommunityThink, Classical Kids and other enthusiastic homeschool families has recently completed the first year of Classical Community Co-op. "C3" is a more traditionally styled homeschool coop with primarily parent-led offerings for homeschoolers currently ages 3 - 13ish at the Baptist church in Old Mystic, CT.

The 2009-10 offerings included Improv Theater, Chinese, Story of the World, Poetry, Writing Workshop, Chess, Foam Swords and Book clubs and more. We also acted as a host facility for Engineering and Underwater Robotics for the folks at FRC.

For 2010-11, we are looking forward to a second year with some new offerings, including Marine Biology. Do you have some tween & teen students who would like to see offerings? Are you a class/workshop organizer? Are you a volunteer type? What's in your teaching pocket? Stay tuned for more...!

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