Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Classical Community Coop Organizational Mtg Notes

On June 1, we had a nice, square-table gathering of about a dozen parents who were able to pool brain resources (!) and come to some consensus on a few essential topics for the new Friday Group Learning Opportunity slated for Fridays at the Old Mystic Baptist Church. Highlights include:

Name: Classical Community Coop (...or CCC, or C cubed!) - voted

Fall Fridays from September 11 to December 4 + December 11/Open or Party - Thanksgiving Friday
Spring Fridays from January 22 to April 16 + April 23/Snowday/Open and - April 2/Good Friday

Family Resource Center (FRC) Dates:
Still pending full approval
CCC will be hosting FRC Engineering & Robotics classes at OMBC on the following
Fridays 9/11, 10/2, 11/13, 12/4, 1/22, 2/19, 3/12, 4/9, 5/21, 6/4
24 students min, we fill first through our coop, then open out to the public through FRC website
Registration is through FRC
Engineering $250 8-12 afternoon 3hrs
Underwater Robotics $350 11-17yo proficient w tools & blueprint reading morning 2.5hrs, end by noon
(Q: Heather, would it be possible to do a 4/30 FRC, for a second class in April, and drop the 6/4, to keep from going into June?)

$25/day for building use as a donation x 42 total possible weeks, Sept - June $1050 total possible max building cost
$350/year insurance through Classical Kids - works similar to PTO insurance
35 - 40 families involved, probable cost of $50/family + volunteer commitment!
**There will be a family commitment promise required with each registration** (To be defined more clearly later.)

Commitments/Roles Please feel free to suggest/volunteer more where you may see a need!
- Registrar - Michelle
- Program Facilitator - Heather
- Communications/Web PR - Jennifer Pryor
- Secretary/Treasurer/- Tracy Harvey
- Peacemaker - Aimee Allaire
- Co-Teachers - It was suggested that there be 2/class
- Kat O'Reilly
- Rich Goccia
- Age Group Contact People for for being a go-to, assisting in soliciting teachers, coordinating parent-instructor communication, etc Age groups are loosely defined by approximate class range - not hard & fast.
- Preschool - Available
- Elementary - Channing Garuder
- Middle - Available
- High - Kat O’Reilly
- Volunteer coordinator & meeting facilitator - how families are making their commitments, Penny Smyth
- Facilities Coordinator - for room set up, physical req'ments? - Available
- Community Service Coordinator - service outreach events - Anne Bora
- Secretary/Treasurer - Tracy Harvey
- Special events/Field trip coordinator - Available

Next Meeting: Monday, Jun 15th 6:30 at Barnes & Noble Lounge in Waterford

Agenda to include:
- Adding to Roles & filling positions! **Feel free to add ideas and/or Your Name to Comment section or new thread!)
- Class offerings **New Page for Wish List of Ideas, and actual proposals and form to be added to website!**

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